PAGIL BLAJA 10/24/2017




Pagil Blaja is a French jewelry brand deeply influenced by indigenous crafts fused with modern yet minimalistic designs. The artisanal approaches are seen through modern sensibilities and refinement to give its uniqueness and to elevate everyday sense of allure.

Pagil Blaja explores fundamental geometric shapes and designs with the embodiment of luxurious lacquer and buffalo horn. Continually being inspired by craftsmanship and aesthetics, the brand digs deeper into untapped methods of creation, often journeying into handcrafted methods from around the world. The curiosity led motivation has driven Pagil Blaja to collections of laborious detail and experimentation.

Knowing at the heart of what you wear is passion for conceptual design and handcrafted excellence, a piece of art which has gone through endless hours of workmanship and intricate detailing yet manifested in simple and bold jewelry: an archetype of your outlook and attitude. Simply put, less is more.




After studying fashion design at the Nationale School of Applied Art and Crafts of Paris (ENSAAMA), Julie Thibout begins working for two years for a renowned Parisian workshop creating textile finishing for Haute Couture . Then she moved ton Asia and during 5 years she develops exceptional know-how for famous French Luxury Brands. There she felt in love with the rare ancestral technique and of the lacquer.

Back in Paris in 2016, she decided to revisit this know-how to create collections of jewelry in lacquered wood and 24-karat gold leaf with minimalist, elegant and audacious lines. Passionate about craftsmanship, the designer, through many travels is constantly searching for techniques and materials to explore in her creations.

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